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We match your capabilities with defined market needs
to generate sales and growth.

Edward C. Homonoff & Associates, LLC works with you to identify, evaluate, and develop market opportunities for material technology products. We work in markets where technical fabrics are used for filtration, automotive, performance apparel, medical, and industrial applications.

What we do:
Our areas of expertise focus on aligning potential applications of engineered products with market opportunities. We cover the full range of adding value from raw materials to converted end-products. We work in technical product areas including fibers, resins, additives, superabsorbants, composites, fabrics, and converted products.

We bridge the gap between technology, investment and profitable commerce.
Our approach bridges the gap between technology and business. We explore and evaluate product properties, identify market applications, manufacturing requirements, and critical business success factors. This includes market size, cost, competition and alternative products.